BlackSun is a holding company that operates in the area of Energy, Technology and Real Estate, based on innovation, disruption and perenniality. It has companies focused on power generation and engineering for the renewable energy market, in addition to investing in digital technology platforms and diversifying its investments in the real estate sector.

Practice areas

Black Sun is a holding company that operates in three main segments:

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Technology & Innovation​

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Real Estate


In the Energy sector, it stands out with Sunaenergy, specialized in project development and sustainable energy generation, and Ecotechne and Onflow, engineering companies active in Brazil and Europe, providing innovative solutions in the energy sector. And also within our portfolio we have Enliv, which is our energy trading platform.


In the sector of Technology and Innovation, the holding holds a stake in Ecotx, the largest data platform in the Brazilian electricity sector, and Arbo, a company that combines art and engineering for renewable urban solutions, as well as other innovative companies in the field of e- commerce.

real estate

In the Real Estate sector, Black Sun operates in development, property rental and subdivision, emphasizing sustainable development in the real estate market combined with our vision of the future of this market.

Real State

BlackSun Investimentos

This combination of companies under Black Sun reflects a strategic, multi-faceted approach focused on innovation and sustainability across diverse sectors and markets.


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